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Piano is one of the most diverse musical instruments. If you know how to play piano you can play any style of music. There are different pianos available in the market and online. Choosing a piano or a keyboard is quite a complicated task but, there are enormous options available online. Some points to keep in mind while choosing best piano are-


  • Traditional piano is heavy, bulky and hard to move. With replacement there are keyboards which are easy to move, portable and inexpensive. Electronic keyboard is best for home and schools and are appropriate for students who are interested in piano learning but are beginners.
  • The piano requires to use both the hands skillfully i.e. use of each finger of both hands independently. So, make sure to choose an instrument which is convenient to use. Features are user friendly and helpful for beginners.
  • It is essential to have a full 88 note keyboard and please check before purchasing. So, you can get the best out of it.
  • Education suite is the best as it helps the student to learn easily. It includes step by step guide which is helpful for students.
  • Price consideration is also a must and please choose according to your budget. Just go for the most features within the affordable
  • Many pianos come with inbuilt speakers, but some don’t have and you need it to connect to external system, but it will require additional charge to purchase amplifiers and speakers. So, go for inbuilt one.
  • Check the additional accessories before purchasing a Accessory includes sustained pedal, owner’s manual and CD-ROM.
  • While choosing a piano, choose the piano, which require less power consumption.
  • Data capacity is also an important feature as you have to record thousands of notes and save it.
  • Make sure that the sound is similar to the traditional piano sound. It is an essential part as piano sound is unique and it can go with other musical instrument also.
  • The user friendly piano is admirable as its features and functions are easy to use and make learning task easy and interesting. Special keys must be at different place so that you don’t press any key accidentally and forcing the whole setting to

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