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Choosing a good microphone is a tough job, but it is easy online as there are varieties of the microphone from which one can choose accordingly. The choice totally depends on the microphone you are choosing for your means and your purpose i.e. professional or personal. The two main categories of microphones are-


Dynamic microphones don’t need any power supply. It is better as there is no issue of electricity.

Ribbon microphones- are type of dynamic microphones. It uses very thin metal ribbon which is suspended between poles of a magnet. Ribbon microphones are usually bidirectional. Some examples are- MXL R144 ribbon microphone with shockmount, Samson VR88 Velocity ribbon microphone.


  • Condenser microphones- also known as capacitor microphones. Electrostatic microphones are attached with thin and flexible diaphragm to the metal plate. They produce high quality audio signal. It is used for studio recording as they are sensitive to high frequencies and distant sounds.

Condenser microphones require a power supply.

Condenser microphones are used for recording voice, guitars, pianos and other orchestral instruments. Some examples are Samson C02 pencil condenser, MTR101 etc.

                Some points to keep in mind while choosing microphone are-

  • Just choose according to your requirement

Omni pattern- responds to the sound coming from all the direction. Ideal for group vocals, rooms etc.

Polar pattern- indicates to the area from which microphone picks up the sound. Just choose accordingly as you can end up with the unwanted sound or wanted sound.

Cordoid, hypercordoid, Bi-directional pattern and many more.


  • Frequency is also an essential part as it helps to choose microphones according to sensitivity to which they respond.
  • Self Noise- lowest point of microphones dynamic range. Required when one wants to record soft sound. The lower the self noise is better.
  • Power supply- according to less consumption of power.
  • Sound pressure level- the higher, the better.
  • Price- there are varieties of microphone at different price available online. One can choose according to their budget.

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